Poly Partners© hopes to represent those within the community a voice and safe place to find a great match.

Simply stated, this is a dating platform for the Polyamorous community across the United States (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico) and Canada. We use the term polyamorous but want to include ethically non-monogamous, relationship anarchy, and any other like-minded ideas.

Our members range from a seasoned lifetime poly veteran, who may have experience with several flavors of polyamory, to the poly-curious, someone who wants to know more about the lifestyle, who may want to try it on and see how it fits.  Our Poly Ed tab has links to articles and resources for everyone.

This platform is a living, breathing, evolving site started by poly people trying to fill a void.  If you have suggestions about the language used, articles in the Poly Ed section, or other features you would like to see, let us know.  We have our poly experiences but know that there are other experiences.  Share yours here.

We offer competitive tiered pricing.  Choose the level with the features you desire at a price you can afford.   Our fees won’t break the bank.  There are no hidden charges or advanced payments required.  Cancel anytime.

Why Poly Partners©?

The goal is to provide members of Poly communities a safe place to interact and find the right match(es).

While we are all poly, no member of the team bringing you this platform is an expert on the boundaries, or guidelines to living this complicated lifestyle. More information can be found in the Poly Ed section of the site.